Arnold Schwarzenegger Pets: Interesting Details You Probably Didn’t Know

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pets

An image of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger may seem tough, but he’s a soft-hearted animal lover. Despite his muscular image, the 76-year-old, who has five children, cares for a variety of animals on his six-acre estate in Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhood. He treats them like family, with seven pets including a mini donkey named Lulu, a pig named Schnelly, a mini pony named Whiskey, and four dogs: Cherry, Noodle, Dutch, and Schnitzel. Get more about Arnold Schwarzenegger Pets from this detailed article.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pets


Arnold Schwarzenegger, born on July 30, 1947, in Thal, Styria, Austria, always dreamed of moving to America. His fascination with the country’s landmarks and Hollywood fueled his ambition to leave his farm life behind. At 21, he took a leap of faith, moving to the United States in 1968 despite knowing little English. His bodybuilding career flourished, earning him the titles of “The Austrian Oak,” Mr. Universe, and Mr. Olympia.

Schwarzenegger’s physical prowess and charisma caught Hollywood’s attention, leading to his acting debut in Stay Hungry (1976), which earned him a Golden Globe Award. His breakthrough came with Conan the Barbarian in 1982, showcasing his iconic presence and launching his career as an action star.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Schwarzenegger dominated the big screen with blockbuster hits like The Terminator, Predator, and Commando, thanks to his rugged appearance and fearlessness in action roles.

In the early 2000s, Schwarzenegger transitioned to politics, serving as Chair of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and later as the governor of California from 2003 to 2011. Despite his diverse career, from bodybuilding to Hollywood to politics, Schwarzenegger’s love for animals remains a constant in his life.

A Family of Furry Friends

Arnold’s current pet family includes a crew of canine companions:

  • Dutch: An Alaskan Malamute adopted in 2020, possibly named after his iconic character in “Predator”.
  • Schnitzel: A Leonberger, a massive German breed, added to the pack in December 2021.
  • Cherry: A tiny Yorkshire Terrier, a rescue pup who holds a cherished spot in the Schwarzenegger household.
  • Noodle (breed unknown)

These pups often make appearances on Arnold’s social media, showing off their playful personalities and enjoying the luxurious life alongside their famous owner.

Beyond the Dogs: Miniature Horses and Donkeys

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pets

But Arnold’s love for animals goes beyond the traditional. He also shares his California mansion with:

  • Whiskey: A miniature horse, adopted in 2019, who frequently accompanies Arnold to work events (before the pandemic lockdown).
  • Lulu: A miniature donkey, also adopted in 2019, who has become a social media sensation with her quirky personality and appearances on Arnold’s Zoom calls.

A Love Story Sparked by His Girlfriend

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pets

In a surprising twist, Arnold revealed on a panel that getting a donkey wasn’t originally his idea. His girlfriend, Heather Milligan, saw Lulu and thought she needed a companion for Whiskey, the miniature horse. And so began the unlikely, yet adorable, friendship between Arnold and his miniature donkey.

More Than Just Pets

Arnold’s dedication to his pets goes beyond social media posts. He clearly cherishes their company and provides them with a loving and luxurious home. This love for animals extends beyond his own pets, with Arnold being a strong advocate for animal welfare.

A Governor with a Cause

During his time as California governor, Arnold signed several bills promoting animal welfare, including a ban on the sale of commercially produced foie gras and a law requiring clearer labeling of pet food.

The Takeaway: A Big Heart for Small Creatures

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love for animals, from his playful pups to his unique miniature horse and donkey companions, paints a picture of a man with a big heart for small creatures. His dedication to his pets and his advocacy for animal welfare showcase a side of Arnold that goes beyond the action hero persona.


What pets does Arnold Schwarzenegger own?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a variety of pets, including dogs, a miniature horse, and a miniature donkey.

What kind of dog did Arnold get?

Arnold’s most recent dog is Schnitzel, a Leonberger, a giant German breed.

Does Arnold have a pet donkey?

Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a pet donkey named Lulu.

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger own a farm?

No, Arnold Schwarzenegger does not own a farm. However, his California mansion provides a luxurious home for his various pets.

How many animals does Arnold have?

In total, Arnold Schwarzenegger has six pets: four dogs, a miniature horse, and a miniature donkey.

How many dogs does Arnold have?

Arnold Schwarzenegger currently has four dogs.

Is Schwarzenegger A Vegan?

No, there is no indication that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Vegan.

What’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s donkey called?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s donkey is called Lulu.

What is Arnold’s donkey name?

Arnold’s donkey’s name is Lulu.

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