Michael Bay Dog Nitro; The Story of Nitro Zeus and Ambulance

Michael Bay Dog Nitro

Michael Bay is known for his explosive action films, but did you know he also has a soft spot for his furry friends? Enter Nitro Zeus, Bay’s beloved English Mastiff, who stole the show (well, almost) in the 2022 movie Ambulance.

Like many Hollywood directors with a signature touch, Bay has a fondness for including his pups in his films. While Alfred Hitchcock had his terriers, Bay has his mastiffs. Nitro Zeus, named after a Transformers villain, joins Bone Crusher, Rebel, and Bumblebee (another Transformers reference) in the Bay canine hall of fame.

But unlike fleeting cameos from his other dogs, Nitro Zeus landed a more prominent role in Ambulance. Bay squeezed the massive pup (clocking in at a whopping 217 pounds!) into a tiny Fiat for a specific scene.

A Tense Day on Set

According to Bay, getting Nitro Zeus into the car was no easy feat. In an interview with Screen Rant, he described the experience as one of the most stressful moments filming Ambulance. With fading daylight and a dog who clearly wasn’t a fan of cramped spaces, Bay pushed (literally) to capture the scene.

While the behind-the-scenes struggle might not have made the final cut, it’s a testament to Bay’s dedication to his craft, and perhaps, his love for his dog (even if Nitro Zeus might have disagreed at the time).

More Than Just a Movie Mutt

Michael Bay Dog Nitro

Nitro Zeus’s brief appearance in Ambulance endeared him to audiences and animal lovers alike. It also highlighted the growing trend of directors incorporating their pets into their films, adding a touch of heartwarming authenticity.


What kind of dog is Nitro in ambulance?

Nitro, also known as Nitro Zeus, is an English Mastiff. These are giant, gentle dogs known for their massive size and calm demeanor.

What kind of dog is Nitro Zeus?

 Nitro Zeus is an English Mastiff.

What happens to the dog in ambulance?

While the movie doesn’t show exactly what happens to Nitro Zeus (the dog), the behind-the-scenes stories reveal Michael Bay tried to film a scene with Nitro in a tiny car. It seems Nitro wasn’t a big fan of the cramped space!

What kind of dog does Michael Bay have?

Michael Bay is a known lover of English Mastiffs. He has several, including Nitro Zeus, Bone Crusher, Rebel, and Bumblebee.

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