Beabadoobee Cats: Interesting Details About her feline Companions

Beabadoobee Cats: Discover the adorable feline companions of indie pop star Beabadoobee! Meet Kimchi, the Ginger cat, and Miso, the Tortoiseshell beauty.

Learn about their playful antics and how they add warmth to Beabadoobee’s life.

Beabadoobee: The Indie Pop Star and Her Feline Companions

An image Beabadoobee with her Cat

Beabadoobee, born Beatrice Kristi Ilejay Laus, is a British-Filipino musician who has made waves in the indie pop and bedroom pop genres. Her raw and introspective sound, blending ’90s indie rock influences with modern pop sensibilities, has captured the hearts of listeners worldwide. But did you know that behind the scenes, Beabadoobee shares her life with two adorable feline friends? Let’s meet Kimchi and Miso!

Kimchi: The Ginger Cat

An image of Beabadoobee,s Cat

Kimchi, the Ginger cat, joined Beabadoobee’s household in May 2023. With fiery fur and a playful spirit, Kimchi adds warmth and charm to Beabadoobee’s life. Whether lounging on the windowsill or chasing imaginary mice, Kimchi is a constant source of joy for the indie pop star.


me and jake got cats! good morning miso 🐈‍⬛ and kimchi 🐈

♬ Glue song – ❆⸆⸉

Miso: The Tortoiseshell Beauty

An image Beabadoobee with her Cat

Miso, the Tortoiseshell cat, arrived alongside Kimchi. Her unique coat, a blend of rich browns, blacks, and oranges, mirrors Beabadoobee’s eclectic musical style. Miso’s quiet elegance and mysterious gaze make her a perfect muse for the singer-songwriter.

Cat Mom Life

Beabadoobee’s love for her feline companions shines through her social media posts. Whether it’s cuddling on the bed or sharing a sunlit corner, Kimchi and Miso are always by her side. As Beabadoobee continues to create music that rocks our souls, her cats remind us that even indie pop stars need a little purr-fect company.


How Many Cats Does Beabadoobee Have?

Beabadoobee is a proud cat mom to two feline companions: Kimchi and Miso. She adopted both kitties in May 2023 with her boyfriend, Jacob Erland. Kimchi is the Ginger cat, while Miso is the Tortoiseshell cat

Does Beabadoobee Have an Instagram?

Yes, Beabadoobee has an active Instagram account where she shares glimpses of her life, music, and adorable cats. You can follow her at @radvxz

What Are the Names of Beabadoobee’s Cats?

Beabadoobee’s cats are named Kimchi (the Ginger cat) and Miso (the Tortoiseshell cat). These furry companions bring joy to her life and often make appearances on her social media

How Many Cats Does Taylor Swift Have?

Taylor Swift, another cat lover, has three feline friends: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button3. These adorable cats have even made appearances in some of her music videos and holiday cards.

Does Beabadoobee Have Real Freckles?

Beabadoobee’s freckles have sparked curiosity among fans. While some believe they are natural, others speculate that she enhances them with makeup. Regardless, her signature look includes faux freckles, which she rocks beautifully

How Do You Say Beabadoobee?

Beabadoobee’s name is pronounced as “bay-ah-doo-bee”. Remember, it’s as unique as her music!

What Genre Is Beabadoobee?

Beabadoobee’s music blends ’90s indie rock influences with modern pop sensibilities. She is acclaimed in the indie pop and bedroom pop genres, captivating listeners with her raw and introspective sound.

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