Chelsea Handler’s Dogs. Take a Look at the comedian’s love for dogs

This article talks about Chelsea Handler’s Dogs. Discover Chelsea Handler’s journey with dogs!

Learn about her past pup Chunk, her new rescue Doug, and her passion for animal welfare

Chelsea Handler’s Dogs. Take a Look at the comedian’s love for dogs

An image of Chelsea Handler with her  Dogs

Chelsea Handler, the renowned comedian and author, has been known for her sharp wit and outspoken personality. But beyond the laughs, she’s also a dedicated dog lover.

Throughout her life, Chelsea has shared her home with several canine companions. Sadly, her beloved German Shepherd-Chow mix, Chunk, passed away in 2018.

An image of Chelsea Handler's Dogs

However, in 2023, Chelsea welcomed a new furry friend into her life – Doug, a full-grown Chow Chow rescue. She announced his arrival on social media, sharing her excitement about her new companion and his love for cuddles.

While Chelsea doesn’t currently have multiple dogs, her love and commitment to animal welfare remain strong. She’s spoken openly about the joys of pet ownership and the importance of responsible pet care.

Here are some interesting facts about Chelsea Handler and her dogs:

  • A champion for rescue: Chelsea has a soft spot for rescue animals, and Doug represents her dedication to giving loving homes to dogs in need.
  • Social media spotlight: Though not as frequent as with past pups, Chelsea occasionally shares glimpses of Doug’s adorable personality on her social media platforms.
  • Beyond her own pups: While her primary focus is currently on Doug, Chelsea continues to advocate for animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

From the heartwarming memories with Chunk to the new adventures with Doug, Chelsea Handler’s journey with dogs showcases her compassion and love for these furry companions. Whether it’s welcoming a rescue or advocating for their well-being, her passion for animals shines through.


What happened to Chelsea Handler’s dogs?

Sadly, Chelsea Handler’s dog Chunk, a beloved German Shepherd-Chow mix, passed away in 2018.

What are Chelsea Handler’s dogs’ names?

Currently, Chelsea Handler has one dog named Doug, a rescued Chow Chow. In the past, she also had a dog named Chunk.

What kind of dog was Chunk?

Chunk was a German Shepherd-Chow mix.

How many brothers does Chelsea Handler have?

Chelsea Handler has 3 brothers.

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