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This article talks about Cody Rhodes Dog.Meet Cody Rhodes’ furry fam! From Pharaoh the Husky to Yeti the Pom,

Discover these adorable pups & how wrestling champ Cody Rhodes shows his love for animals. Fun facts & cute pics inside!

Cody Rhodes Dogs: All About Cody Rhodes’ Furry Companions!

An image of Cody Rhodes with his Dog

Professional wrestler Cody Rhodes isn’t just known for his high-flying moves and crowd-pleasing charisma. He’s also a proud dog dad to two adorable pups who have captured the hearts of fans worldwide! Let’s meet the furry members of the Rhodes family:

Pharaoh: The OG Husky Superstar

An image of Cody Rhodes with his Dog

  • Breed: Siberian Husky (all white with striking blue eyes)
  • Age: Around 13 years old (born sometime in 2011)
  • Claim to fame: Pharaoh has been with Cody since 2011, making him a true “Nightmare Family” veteran. He’s even made special appearances on WWE Raw, sporting a bandana that matches his dad’s wrestling gear! Fun fact: He underwent surgery in October 2023 but is happily recovering and still his playful self.

Yeti Pinkerton: The Pom Pom Prince

  • Breed: Pomeranian
  • Age: Unknown, but likely younger than Pharaoh
  • Claim to fame: This fluffy little guy brings extra cuteness to the Rhodes household. He often appears alongside Pharaoh in social media posts, showing off their sweet sibling bond.

Beyond the Spotlight: A Love for Dogs

Cody’s love for his dogs extends beyond just photos and appearances. He ensures they get plenty of exercise and playtime, understanding the needs of an active Husky like Pharaoh. He’s also praised for responsibly managing Pharaoh’s wolf-like instincts, emphasizing proper training and care.

Why This Matters:

Cody’s relationship with his dogs shows a softer side to the wrestling star, connecting him to fans who share a love for animals. It also highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership, inspiring others to provide their furry friends with loving homes and proper care


What breed is Pharaoh Cody Rhodes?

An image of Cody Rhodes with his Dog

Pharaoh is a majestic Siberian Husky, known for his all-white coat and striking blue eyes.

What breed is Rhodes dog?

Cody Rhodes has two dogs:

  • Pharaoh: Siberian Husky
  • Yeti Pinkerton: Pomeranian

What does a pharaoh dog look like?

There isn’t a specific “pharaoh dog” breed. The name “Pharaoh” likely refers to Cody’s Husky’s regal appearance and white coat.

What breed is a hairless Egyptian dog?

The most likely breed resembling an ancient Egyptian dog is the Pharaoh Hound. They’re sleek, athletic sighthounds with short, smooth fur.

Does Cody Rhodes have a pet?

Yes, Cody Rhodes proudly shares his home with two adorable pups: Pharaoh (Husky) and Yeti Pinkerton (Pomeranian).

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