Frank Iero Dogs

This article talks about  Frank Iero Dogs. Punk rocker Frank Iero’s heart melts for furry friends! Dive into his touching bond with his dogs, from the iconic Sweet Pea to his current companions.

Uncover stories, photos, and how his love for animals extends beyond his home.

Frank Iero Dogs: A Dog Dad with Heart

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 with Dog

Frank Iero, the punk rock guitarist known for his electrifying performances and rebellious spirit, has a softer side reserved for his furry companions. Throughout his career, he’s opened his heart and home to several dogs, each leaving a paw print on his life and the hearts of his fans. Let’s explore Frank Iero’s bond with his canine crew:

Sweet Pea: The First Love

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  Dog Sweetpea

Sweet Pea, a Chihuahua mix, was Frank’s first dog and arguably the most recognizable. From 2010 until her passing in 2018, she was his constant companion, gracing album covers, music videos, and countless social media posts. Her presence exuded pure love and joy, inspiring fans with the hashtag #SweetPeaArmy.

Millie: A Short But Sweet Chapter

In 2021, Frank adopted Millie, an 8-year-old dog with a distant connection to Sweet Pea. Sadly, Millie’s time with Frank was brief, as she passed away unexpectedly in 2022. Despite the heartbreaking loss, Frank’s commitment to animal welfare and his love for Millie shone through.

Remembering and Honoring

Frank’s dedication to his dogs extends beyond their lifetimes. He regularly shares photos and memories of Sweet Pea and Millie, keeping their spirits alive for fans. He also supports animal rescue organizations and encourages responsible pet ownership.

Beyond the Headlines: A Private Passion

While Frank shares glimpses of his dogs online, he primarily keeps his personal life private. This extends to his current dogs, ensuring they can enjoy a peaceful life away from the spotlight.

A Heart Full of Love

An image of Frank Iero 
 with Dog

Frank Iero’s relationship with his dogs reveals a tender side often overlooked in his punk rock persona. He offers a message of compassion and responsibility towards animals, reminding us that even the toughest rockers can have a soft spot for furry friends.


What happened to Frank Iero?

Nothing specific seems to have happened to Frank Iero recently. He is currently active in music, performing with his band Frank Iero and the Patience and contributing to other projects. He also remains involved in promoting environmental causes.

Does Frank Iero have a kid?

Yes, Frank Iero and his wife Nikki Reed have one child, a daughter born in 2021. He often avoids sharing details about his family life to maintain privacy.

Are Gerard Way and Frank Iero still friends?

There is no indication that Gerard Way and Frank Iero are no longer friends. While they haven’t collaborated musically in a while, they’ve spoken positively about each other in interviews and occasionally interact on social media.

Is Frank Iero A Vegan?

He has expressed support for vegetarianism and animal rights, but hasn’t publicly confirmed adopting a fully vegan lifestyle.

Does Gerard Way have a wife?

Gerard Way was married to Lindsey Way from 2007 to 2013. They have one daughter together. He has not publicly announced remarrying.

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