how old is markiplier’s dog: A Friendship Tested by Time

Discover the ageless charm of Markiplier’s beloved dog, Chica. Uncover the delightful details about this furry internet sensation and join the journey of a canine companion that defies the bounds of time.

Delve into the heartwarming tale of Markiplier’s dog, Chica, as we unravel the mystery of her age. A beloved figure in the online world, Chica transcends the confines of time, capturing hearts with her enduring charm and infectious joy.

Markiplier and Chica: A Friendship Tested by Time An image of markiplier and Chica the dog

Markiplier, the YouTube king with over 36 million subscribers, is known for his hilarious gaming content and wacky adventures. But beneath the outlandish humor and pixelated mayhem lies a heart of gold, especially when it comes to his beloved dogcompanion, Chica. So, how old is this furry muse who inspires memes and melts hearts across the internet?

Chica, the Queen of Floof and Follower of Squirrels:

Chica, a fluffy white blonde mix with boundless energy and an insatiable curiosity, joined Markiplier’s family in March 2015. Her official birthday is March 26th, making her 9 years old as of today, January 15th, 2024. Despite her senior status, Chica remains remarkably spry, often chasing squirrels with the enthusiasm of a much younger pup.

Marking Milestones: A Journey of Growth and Quirks:

An image of markiplier and Chica the dog

Throughout her nine years, Chica has become a beloved fixture in Markiplier’s videos and social media. We’ve watched her grow from a tiny puppy to a confident floof, witnessed her transform into a seasoned squirrel hunter (with mixed success), and marveled at her patience as Markiplier subjected her to countless hilarious costumes and props.

But the bond between them goes beyond mere entertainment.

Chica has been a constant source of love and support for Markiplier, offering a furry anchor amidst the whirlwind of online fame and creative chaos. She has appeared in numerous videos, winning fans over with her expressive eyes, playful antics, and uncanny ability to steal the show.

More Than Just a Pet: A Loyal Companion and Source of Inspiration:

Chica’s presence has impacted Markiplier’s life and content in more ways than one. He’s even dedicated a song to her titled “Boat Dog,” a whimsical ode to their shared adventures. Chica’s journey from rescue pup to internet star also inspired Markiplier to advocate for animal adoption and responsible pet ownership.

A Story of Aging Grace and Enduring Love:

how old is markiplier's dog

Entering her golden years, Chica’s journey reminds us of the precious time with furry companions. Though her playful chases may slow and naps lengthen, the love she brings remains boundless, a testament to the unwavering human-animal bond.


Who is the girlfriend of Markiplier?

Markiplier’s girlfriend is Amy Nelson, also known online as Peebles. They’ve been dating since 2015 and are not currently married.

Is Markiplier married to Amy Nelson?

No, Markiplier is not married to Amy Nelson. While they’ve been in a long-term relationship for many years, they haven’t publicly announced any plans to tie the knot.

Is Markiplier and Amy still together?

Yes, Markiplier and Amy are still together, as of January 15, 2024. They frequently appear in each other’s social media posts and seem very happy in their relationship.

Is Markiplier still married?

Markiplier has never been married, so the question of him still being married doesn’t apply.

Is Chica a guy or girl?

Chica is a girl. She is a female dog whose fluffy white blonde fur and playful personality have charmed Markiplier’s fans worldwide.

What is Chica’s real name?

Chica is her real name. Markiplier hasn’t mentioned any other names for her, and she’s become known and loved throughout the internet simply as Chica.

What is Chica’s human name?

Chica doesn’t have a human name. Dogs don’t typically have human names, and Chica is quite happy answering to the cute and memorable moniker her beloved owner gave her.

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