Joe Keery Dog

Stranger Things star Joe Keery’s not just heartthrob material, he’s a dog lover!

Discover the meme-worthy moment he became “Joe with the Dog” and his unexpected connection with canine companions. Who knew Steve Harrington had a soft spot for pups?

Joe Keery Dog: From Memes to Man’s Best Friend

An image of Joe Keery  with his Dog

Joe Keery, the heartthrob from Stranger Things and beyond, has captured hearts not just with his charming smile and mullet, but also with his unexpected furry companions. His connection with dogs goes beyond adorable Instagram snaps – it’s a tale of memes, unlikely friendships, and a genuine love for pups.

The “Joe with the Dog” Meme: Viral Fame with Fur

Remember that iconic picture of Joe holding a fluffy Pomeranian while sipping champagne (okay, apple juice)? That meme-worthy moment, snapped by co-star Finn Wolfhard, launched Joe into canine internet fame. It wasn’t just the hilarious contrast of Steve Harrington’s tough persona with the cute pup – it was the pure joy on Joe’s face, showing a different side of the charismatic actor.

Joe Keery Dog: A True Dog Lover

An image of Joe Keery  with his Dog

While the meme might have been an accident, Joe’s love for dogs is authentic. He’s been spotted playing with different pups on set, volunteering at shelters, and even talking about wanting a dog of his own one day. He understands the power of the human-dog bond, highlighting their loyalty, companionship, and ability to bring smiles.

More Than Just Cute Companions: Advocacy & Responsibility

Joe doesn’t just love dogs – he uses his platform to advocate for responsible ownership. He speaks out against animal cruelty and encourages his fans to learn about different breeds before getting a pet. He uses his own experiences with shelters and rescue dogs to raise awareness about the importance of adoption and giving abandoned pups a second chance.

From Memes to Man’s Best Friend: A Heartwarming Connection

Joe Keery’s journey with dogs is more than just a meme – it’s a heartwarming story of a genuine love for furry companions. He showcases the joy dogs bring to our lives and uses his influence to advocate for responsible ownership and adoption. So, the next time you see Joe with a dog, remember: it’s not just a cute moment, it’s a reflection of a true dog lover who’s using his platform to make a difference.


What is Joe Keery’s dog?

As of today, Joe Keery doesn’t own a dog of his own. He’s expressed wanting one in the future, but he currently spends time with various pups on set, at shelters, and through friends.

Why did Joe Keery leave DJO?

Joe Keery was actually never a member of the band DJO. It’s a common misconception due to his similar looks to one of the band members. He’s an actor and musician, but not connected to DJO.

What did Joe Keery do in Post Animal?

Joe Keery plays one of the leads in the short film “Post Animal.” He portrays Wyatt, a young man navigating adulthood and relationships. It’s a dark and complex role, showcasing his acting range beyond Stranger Things.

Does Joe Keery have Instagram?

Yes! Joe Keery is active on Instagram under the username @joe_keery. He shares photos from his life, projects, and of course, some adorable pups he encounters.

Who is the dog in Stranger Things?

There are several dog characters in Stranger Things, but the most prominent are:

  • Chester: Dustin’s adorable golden retriever companion.
  • Mr. Clarke’s dog: A sweet beagle featured in Season 1.
  • Dart: A Demogorgon pup that appears briefly in Season 2.

Does Noah Schnapp have a dog?

Yes! Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in Stranger Things, has a dog named Winnie. She’s a golden retriever puppy and often features on his social media, making hearts melt everywhere.

Why is he called Djo?

There’s no confirmed reason why Joe Keery is sometimes called “Djo.” It could be a nickname from friends, a play on his initials, or just something fans started using. He hasn’t publicly addressed the origin of the nickname.

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