Messi Dogs:A Look into the Football Star’s Furry Family

Explore the canine companionship of football legend Lionel Messi. Uncover the heartwarming stories and adorable moments with Messi’s dogs, adding a touch of warmth to the football maestro’s life.

Step into the off-field world of Lionel Messi, where the roar of the crowd is replaced by the joyful barks of his furry companions. Beyond the football pitch, Messi’s life is enriched by the presence of his beloved dogs, offering a glimpse into the softer side of the iconic sportsman.

Messi Dogs:A Look into the Football Star’s Furry Family


An iamge of Messi and Dog

Lionel Messi, the legendary Argentinian footballer and seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, is known for his magical skills on the pitch. But did you know he’s also a devoted dog dad? Messi’s love for his furry companions shines through on social media, where he frequently shares adorable photos and videos of them. Let’s take a closer look at the two canine superstars who hold a special place in Messi’s heart:

Hulk, the Gentle Giant:

An iamge of Messi and Dog

Hulk, a Dogue de Bordeaux, is Messi’s most famous canine companion. This massive and powerful breed, nicknamed “the gentle giant,” perfectly complements Messi’s playful personality. Messi welcomed Hulk as a puppy in 2016, and the two quickly formed an unbreakable bond. Hulk has been a constant presence in Messi’s life, even appearing in a promotional video for Adidas alongside his human dad. Unfortunately, due to his age and the challenges of flying with such a large breed, Hulk wasn’t able to join Messi on his move to Inter Miami in 2023. However, he remains under the loving care of the Messi family in Barcelona.

Abu, the Pocket-Sized Prince:

An iamge of Messi and Dog

In 2020, Messi and his family welcomed another furry member to their pack: Abu, an apricot toy poodle. This tiny ball of fluff quickly stole the hearts of Messi’s fans with his playful antics and charming personality. Abu, unlike Hulk, happily traveled with Messi to Miami, where he now enjoys the sunshine and beach walks with his family. Messi often shares adorable photos of Abu on social media, showcasing their special bond.

More Than Just Pets:

Messi’s relationship with his dogs goes beyond just being a pet owner. He clearly adores them, showering them with affection and treating them like members of the family. This genuine love shines through in his social media posts, where he often speaks about their quirks and personalities. Owning dogs has proven to have numerous benefits for Messi, including reducing stress and boosting his mood.

The Benefits of Having Canine Companions:

Studies have shown that owning dogs can have a number of health benefits for their human companions. Some of the proven benefits include:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety: Spending time with dogs can lower cortisol levels, the stress hormone, and increase oxytocin, the feel-good hormone.
  • Lowered blood pressure: Studies have shown that owning a dog can help to lower blood pressure and improve heart health.
  • Increased physical activity: Dogs need regular walks and playtime, which can help their owners to be more active and improve their overall fitness.
  • Reduced feelings of loneliness and depression: Dog ownership can provide companionship and social interaction, which can be especially beneficial for people who live alone or who are prone to loneliness.

Messi’s furry friends are a constant source of joy and companionship for the footballer, reminding him of the simple pleasures in life. And they serve as a reminder that even the biggest stars have a soft spot for animals.


How much did Messi pay for his dog?

The exact price Messi paid for Hulk and Abu is not publicly known. Dogue de Bordeaux puppies can range from $1,800 to $2,500, while toy poodle prices vary depending on pedigree and breeder. Some sources speculate Hulk’s cost could have been higher due to his lineage or breeder reputation.

Where is Messi’s dog now?

Currently, Messi has two dogs:

  • Hulk: Due to his size and age, Hulk remained in Barcelona under the care of the Messi family when Lionel moved to Miami.
  • Abu: This tiny poodle happily accompanied Messi to his new home in Miami, where he enjoys beach walks and sunshine with his family.

Did Messi take his dog to Miami?

Yes, Messi brought his toy poodle Abu with him when he moved to Miami in 2023. The smaller size and adaptability of poodles made it easier for Abu to travel compared to the massive Hulk.

Who is Messi bodyguard?

Messi’s current bodyguard is reportedly a former Spanish police officer named Alberto Mendieta. He has held this position since 2018 and is responsible for the safety of Messi and his family.

Who is the top richest dog in the world?

Determining the “richest dog” is debatable and dependent on how wealth is measured. Some contenders include:

  • Gunther VI, a German Shepherd: He inherited a €80 million fortune from his late owner, Countess Karlotta Liebenstein.
  • Jiff Pom, a Pomeranian: This internet sensation reportedly earns millions through endorsements and brand deals.
  • Olivia Benson, a mixed breed: This dog inherited $12 million from her late owner, Gail Posner.

However, attributing wealth directly to animals can be tricky, as these fortunes are typically managed by trustees or owners.

Who was the richest dog in the world?

Previously held by Gunther III, a German Shepherd, the title of “richest dog in the world” is now disputed due to conflicting reports and inheritance details. Gunther VI, his descendant, is often cited as the current holder, but the exact wealth distribution and management remain unclear.

Why did Messi leave his dog behind?

Messi didn’t “leave” Hulk behind intentionally. The decision for Hulk to stay in Barcelona likely stemmed from several factors, including:

  • Hulk’s size and age: Due to his large size and age, traveling by plane could be stressful and potentially risky for Hulk.
  • Adapting to a new environment: Uplifting a large dog accustomed to a specific routine and environment to a new country could be challenging.
  • Availability of care: The Messi family in Barcelona could provide experienced and familiar care for Hulk while Lionel settled into his new life in Miami.

It’s important to remember that Messi remains close to Hulk and visits him whenever possible.

Which footballer has the biggest dog in the world?

Defining the “biggest” dog among footballers is difficult due to lack of official records and breed variations. However, some contenders for the title could include:

  • Paul Pogba’s Doberman Pinscher: Known for their large size and athleticism, Dobermans can reach impressive heights and weights.
  • Romelu Lukaku’s Dogue de Bordeaux: This breed shares similar size characteristics to Hulk and is known for its massiveness.
  • David Beckham’s Boxer: While not as large as Dobermans or Dogue de Bordeauxes, Boxers are still considered quite sizable and muscular breeds.

Determining the actual “biggest” among these dogs would require specific measurements and information on their individual size.

Who owns the world’s smartest dog?

Intelligence in dogs is subjective and difficult to measure definitively. However, some breeds consistently rank high in various intelligence tests and working dog categories, including:

  • Border Collies: Often considered the most intelligent breed, Border Collies excel in herding, agility, and obedience training.
  • Poodles: Known for their trainability and problem-solving skills, poodles come in various sizes and excel in diverse tasks.
  • German Shepherds: Renowned for their intelligence, loyalty, and work ethic, German Shepherds are popular in police and military roles.

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