Post Malone’s dog

Who needs diamonds when you’ve got drool? Dive into the fuzzy world of Post Malone’s canine companion, Bo, the French Bulldog with more swagger than his platinum-haired owner. From chillin’ in music videos to rocking custom bling, Bo’s life is a puptastic adventure.

Get ready to wag your tail with laughter and melt your heart with the unlikely bond between a chart-topping rapper and his furry best friend.Get more about Post Malone’s dog, Bo

Post Malone’s dog: From Chill Pup to Certified Rockstar

An image of Post Malone and his dog

Post Malone, the genre-bending rapper with face tattoos and platinum hair, might rule the charts, but there’s one furry being who truly holds his heart: Bo, the adorable French Bulldog who’s become an internet sensation in his own right.

From Rescue to Rockstar:


My sweet boy singing his fav song. 🥹🤎@Post Malone #postmalone #pitbull #furryfriend #fyp

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Bo wasn’t always living the glamorous life of a celebrity pup. Adopted from a shelter in 2013, he quickly stole Post Malone’s heart with his squishy face, playful personality, and undeniable charm. Post, known for his love of animals, saw something special in Bo and gave him a forever home.

A Pawsome Duo:

An image of Post Malone and his dog

Since then, Bo has become Post Malone’s inseparable companion. He’s featured in music videos like “Rockstar” and “Circles,” chilling in the studio as Post lays down vocals and adding a touch of furry charm to the visuals.

Beyond the Viral Fame:

But Bo’s role extends far beyond viral fame. He’s Post Malone’s rock, a source of unconditional love and companionship in the whirlwind of music videos, concerts, and award shows. Post often speaks about how Bo keeps him grounded and brings joy to his hectic life.

More Than Just a Pretty Face:

Bo isn’t just a fluffy accessory. He’s a rescue dog success story, inspiring countless fans to consider adopting instead of shopping. Post Malone is a vocal advocate for animal welfare, partnering with organizations like the ASPCA to promote adoption and raise awareness about responsible pet ownership.

A Tail-Wagging Legacy:

Bo’s impact goes beyond Instagram likes and concert appearances. He’s a symbol of the unique bond between humans and animals, reminding us that even the biggest stars find solace and joy in the simple love of a dog.

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