Tom Brady Dog: From Furry Sidekicks to Devoted Family

Discover the canine companion of football legend Tom Brady. From touchdown celebrations to cozy moments at home, explore the heartwarming bond between Tom Brady and his beloved dog.

Introduction: Step into the off-field world of NFL icon Tom Brady, where a loyal four-legged friend steals the spotlight. Join us in unraveling the tales of companionship and joy as we explore the delightful relationship between Tom Brady and his cherished canine companion.

Tom Brady Dog: From Furry Sidekicks to Devoted Family

An image of Tom Brady and his Dog

Football legend Tom Brady isn’t just known for his record-breaking throws and Super Bowl triumphs. He’s also a devoted dog dad, sharing his life with a pack of pups who bring him joy and unconditional love. Let’s take a heartwarming look at the furry members of Team Brady:

A Pit Bull Named Lua: A Loyal Guardian Gone Too Soon

An image of Tom Brady and his Dog

Sadly, in December 2023, Brady and his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen mourned the loss of their beloved pitbull mix, Lua. Adopted from a shelter, Lua wasn’t just a pet; she was a cherished member of the family. Brady and Bündchen frequently shared adorable photos of Lua on social media, where she cuddled with their children, soaked up the sun, and even appeared in a commercial for UGG Australia with Brady. Her playful spirit and unconditional love left a pawprint on everyone’s hearts.

Winston & Bentley: Golden Companions


Two golden retrievers, Winston and Bentley, bring sunshine and playful energy to Brady’s life. Winston, the elder statesman, has been with Brady since his New England Patriots days. He’s a retired champion, having proudly accompanied Brady to several Super Bowl victories. Bentley, a younger ball of fluff, joined the pack in 2021 and brings out the playful side in even the most disciplined athlete. These golden boys are regular fixtures on Brady’s social media, soaking up beach days, enjoying car rides, and reminding everyone that even Super Bowl champs need a little puppy playtime.

More Than Just Pets: A Pack of Support

These furry friends offer more than just companionship. They provide stress relief, a welcome distraction from the pressure of the NFL, and a constant source of unconditional love and cuddles. Whether it’s Lua’s gentle presence, Winston’s wise eyes, or Bentley’s goofy exuberance, these dogs remind Brady of the simple joys in life and help him stay grounded amidst the whirlwind of fame and athletic excellence.

Remembering Lua: A Legacy of Love

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While Lua’s absence leaves a void, her memory lives on through the joy she brought to the Brady family. She serves as a reminder of the special bond between humans and animals, and the countless ways dogs enrich our lives. Lua’s story inspires pet adoption and reminds us to cherish the furry companions who bring unconditional love and laughter into our homes.



What kind of dog does Tom Brady have?

Tom Brady has (had) several dogs, but currently owns two Golden Retrievers named Winston and Bentley. He sadly lost his beloved Pitbull mix named Lua in December 2023.

Does Gisele Bündchen have a dog?

Gisele Bündchen shared ownership of the dogs with Tom Brady during their marriage. After their divorce, it’s unclear if she kept any of the dogs.

Did Tom Brady adopt?

Yes, Tom Brady adopted both Lua and Bentley from shelters. Winston was gifted to him after the 2008 Super Bowl.

What dog is Messi?

Lionel Messi’s most famous dog is a Dogue de Bordeaux named Hulk. He also has a smaller dog named Ciro, often seen in family photos.

How many dogs does Brady have?

Currently, Tom Brady has two dogs, Winston and Bentley.

Does Oprah have a dog?

Yes, Oprah Winfrey currently has two Golden Retrievers named Sunny and Sadie.

What dog does Salma Hayek have?

Salma Hayek is known to have adopted several dogs throughout her life, but her current canine companion is reportedly a Yorkshire Terrier named Bon Bon

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