Meet Adam Sandler’s Beloved Dogs: The Dogs Behind the Comedy Star

If you’re a fan of comedy shows and films, you’ve probably encountered the works of Adam Sandler.

This American actor and comedian, renowned for his entertainment skills, has also showcased his love for dogs.

So, how many dogs does Adam Sandler own, and why are they famous?

Adam Sandler’s Dog Affection

Adam Sandler’s affinity for dogs became public interest when he chose his pet to be his best man during his wedding in 2003.

The American comedian’s love for his pets has been evident on various occasions, even shooting a comedy short featuring his bulldog, Meatball.

He continually updates his dog’s well-being on his social media.

How Many Dogs Does Adam Sandler Have?

Adam Sandler, the American actor and comedian, has had a total of four dogs.

They include Meatball, Matzo Ball, Babu, and Bagel. Each of Sandler’s dogs holds a special place in the actor’s heart.

Meet the Comedian’s Four Pet Dogs

1. Meatball


Meatball was the first English Bulldog owned by the actor. Sandler adopted him in 2000, and Meatball became a memorable part of the comedian’s life.

This bulldog had a special role as Adam Sandler’s best man and ring bearer during his wedding in 2003.

Unfortunately, Meatball passed away in 2004 due to a heart attack. The comedian held a memorial service for him at his Malibu home.

2. Matzo Ball

Matzo Ball, the second English Bulldog, was a wedding gift from Adam Sandler’s wife, Jackie.

He even made an appearance on The Tonight Show when his owner interviewed him.

Sadly, Matzo Ball passed away in 2008 while undergoing surgery.

Babu Sandler
Babu Sandler

3. Babu

Adam Sandler’s third dog, Babu, is also an English Bulldog. Although Sandler adopted her in 2008, she is often confused with Matzo Ball, who died the same year.

As of 2023, there have been reports suggesting Babu’s passing, but there has been no confirmation.

English Bulldogs typically have a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years, so this rumor may be true.

Bagel Sandler
Bagel Sandler

4. Bagel

Bagel is Adam Sandler’s fourth dog. While there is no verified information about the exact adoption date, it is speculated that Bagel was adopted around 2016.

This assumption arises from paparazzi spotting Adam holding a new puppy during that time. Bagel has made appearances on the comedian’s social media, even starring in a funny Fleetwood Mac-inspired video in October 2020.

Mr. Beefy

Although not Adam Sandler’s dog in real life, it’s worth mentioning that Adam’s actual dog, Meatball, was the son of Mr. Beefy. Mr. Beefy is a character from the 2000 film “Little Nicky,” a street-smart bulldog who guided Little Nicky (Adam Sandler).

Adam Sandler’s dogs have garnered public attention due to their close bond with their owner.

The American actor’s love for bulldogs is well-known, and he has adopted four English Bulldogs in his adult life: Meatball (died in 2004), Matzo Ball (died in 2008), Babu, and Bagel.

In Conclusion

Adam Sandler’s dogs have captured the public’s interest due to their close bond with the famous comedian.

He has a deep affection for bulldogs, and throughout his adult life, Adam Sandler has adopted four English Bulldogs: Meatball (who passed away in 2004), Matzo Ball (who passed away in 2008), Babu, and Bagel.

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