The Little Mermaid Dog: A Tale of Underwater Adventure

The world of pets is filled with unique and fascinating creatures, and one of the most enchanting of them all is the Little Mermaid Dog.

You might be wondering, “Is this a fictional creation inspired by Disney’s Ariel, the Little Mermaid?”

Well, no, it’s not.

The Little Mermaid Dog is a real and captivating breed that brings a touch of underwater magic to our lives.

In this article, we will dive into the depths of this charming canine and explore what makes them so special.

Origin of the Little Mermaid Dog

little mermaid dog
little mermaid dog

The Little Mermaid Dog, officially known as the Portuguese Water Dog, has a rich history.

They are native to the coastal regions of Portugal, where their primary purpose was to assist fishermen by herding fish into nets and retrieving lost equipment from the water.

This breed’s strong swimming abilities and love for the water soon earned them the endearing nickname of “Little Mermaid Dog.”

Physical Characteristics

Portuguese Water Dogs are medium-sized, well-muscled, and covered in a waterproof coat.

Their curly or wavy fur provides buoyancy while swimming and keeps them warm in cold waters.

These dogs have expressive eyes, a sturdy build, and a distinctive, curly tail. Their coat comes in black, white, brown, or a combination of these colors.

Underwater Adventurers

As their nickname suggests, Little Mermaid Dogs are born water enthusiasts. They are known for their exceptional swimming abilities and can spend hours in the water without tiring.

Their powerful tails propel them effortlessly through the waves, making them exceptional companions for anyone who enjoys aquatic activities like boating or swimming.

Whether fetching a ball in the ocean or accompanying you on a paddleboarding adventure, these dogs are always up for some underwater fun.

Intelligent and Trainable

Portuguese Water Dogs are not just all about play; they are highly intelligent and trainable.

Their sharp minds make them excellent working dogs. In the past, they helped fishermen by herding fish and working on boats.

Today, they excel in various canine sports and activities, from obedience trials to agility competitions.

Their dedication to pleasing their owners and quick learning abilities make them a joy to train.

Loyal and Social

Little Mermaid Dogs are known for their friendly and social nature. They are loyal companions who thrive on human interaction and being part of the family.

Their affectionate disposition makes them excellent family pets, and they tend to get along well with children and other animals.

These dogs enjoy being at the heart of the action and are known for their enthusiasm, ensuring there’s never a dull moment when they’re around.


What is the dog from The Little Mermaid?

In Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” the beloved dog is a loyal and adorable companion of Prince Eric. The dog doesn’t play a major role in the story but adds a charming element to the film.

What kind of dog is in The Little Mermaid 2023?

In the 2023 version of “The Little Mermaid,” the dog is a faithful and friendly English Sheepdog, which is known for its shaggy appearance and gentle nature.

What is Ariel’s dog’s name?

Ariel’s dog in “The Little Mermaid” is named Max. Max is a delightful and playful canine character who often accompanies Prince Eric on his adventures.

What is Max’s personality in The Little Mermaid?

Max, the dog in “The Little Mermaid,” is known for his friendly and energetic personality. He is always eager to accompany Prince Eric and enjoys playful moments by the seaside. Max adds a delightful and heartwarming touch to the story.


The Little Mermaid Dog, or the Portuguese Water Dog, is a captivating breed with a rich history of assisting fishermen in the coastal regions of Portugal.

Their remarkable swimming abilities, intelligence, and social nature make them a wonderful addition to any family.

If you’re looking for a dog that loves the water and brings a touch of underwater magic to your life, the Little Mermaid Dog might be the perfect choice.

So, dive into the world of these enchanting canines and explore the depths of companionship and adventure they have to offer.

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