Alton Brown Dog: From Scared Scabigail to Spoiled Scabigail

Meet Scabigail, Alton Brown’s adorable rescue pup! This Boston Terrier went from scared shelter dog to Instagram star, stealing hearts with her playful antics and sweet eyes.

Discover Scabigail’s heartwarming journey and how she’s inspiring pet adoption with her famous chef dad.

Alton Brown Dog: From Scared Scabigail to Spoiled Scabigail

An image of Alton Brown with his  Dog

Alton Brown, the famous food scientist and TV personality, isn’t just known for his culinary skills and quirky kitchen gadgets. He’s also a devoted dog dad to his adorable rescue pup, Scabigail.

A Tale of Two Names

Scabigail’s life wasn’t always sunshine and belly rubs. When Alton and his wife Elizabeth adopted her in 2019, she was a tiny, scared Boston Terrier covered in scabs and mange. Her original name reflected her rough start: Abigail. But with love, care, and plenty of good food (courtesy of her chef dad!), Scabigail blossomed. The scabs healed, her fur grew back soft and shiny, and her personality shone through. The name “Scabigail” stuck, though, as a sweet reminder of her journey and the incredible transformation she underwent.

From Shelter Pup to Instagram Star

An image of Alton Brown with his  Dog

Scabigail quickly became a beloved member of the Brown family. She joined Alton on set, cuddled by his side while he filmed his show “Good Eats,” and even made appearances in some of his cooking demos. Her playful antics and sweet eyes won over the hearts of viewers, and Scabigail soon became an internet sensation with her own dedicated Instagram account, @call_me_scabigail.

More Than Just Cute

Scabigail’s story is more than just heartwarming. It’s a testament to the power of rescue and the love that can blossom between a human and a dog. Alton has used his platform to raise awareness about animal welfare and encourage others to consider adopting pets. He’s even partnered with shelters and rescue organizations to help find forever homes for other animals in need.


What kind of dog does Alton Brown have?

Alton Brown has a rescue dog named Scabigail who is a Boston Terrier. She was adopted in 2019 and was originally named Abigail, but the nickname “Scabigail” stuck as a reminder of her past and amazing transformation.

How old is Alton Brown’s wife?

Alton Brown’s wife, Elizabeth Ingram, is currently 54 years old. She is a filmmaker and documentarian and has been married to Alton Brown since 2009.

Does Alton Brown have kids?

No, Alton Brown doesn’t have any biological children. He has a stepdaughter, Zoey, from his first marriage, but they haven’t had much contact in recent years. He considers Scabigail, his rescue dog, as his “furry child” and showers her with love and attention.

What is Alton Brown known for?

Alton Brown is best known for his culinary expertise and TV hosting. He created and hosted the popular cooking show “Good Eats” for over a decade, where he explored food science and cooking techniques in a fun and educational way. He is also a musician, comedian, and author, and continues to share his passion for food through various projects and appearances.

What breed is the Kasi dog?

The Kasi dog is not a specific breed, but rather a type of dog found in India. They are medium-sized, have short coats, and are known for their intelligence and loyalty. Alton Brown featured a Kasi dog in one episode of “Good Eats,” showcasing the unique culture and cuisine of India.

Does Alton Brown have pets?

Yes, Alton Brown has a beloved rescue dog named Scabigail. As mentioned earlier, she is a Boston Terrier who has become his furry companion and a star in her own right with her own Instagram account.

What happened to Alton Brown?

Nothing bad has happened to Alton Brown! He is still actively involved in various projects. He recently launched a new cooking show called “Return to Good Eats” and continues to tour and create educational content about food.

Who did Alton Brown marry?

Alton Brown married Elizabeth Ingram in 2009. They met while working on a documentary project and have been happily married ever since.

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