Anthony Rizzo dog: Kevin the Canine Companion

Baseball star Anthony Rizzo’s heart belongs not just to the game, but to his Golden Retriever pal, Kevin!

Discover their playful bond, how Kevin helped lure Aaron Judge back to the Yankees, and why we love this heartwarming duo. Woof!

Anthony Rizzo dog: Kevin the Canine Companion

An image of Anthony Rizzo with his dog

Anthony Rizzo, the beloved baseball star, is known for his powerful swing and infectious grin. But did you know he’s also a devoted dog dad? That’s right, Rizzo’s heart is stolen by his adorable canine companion, Kevin.

Kevin, a Golden Retriever with a Heart of Gold

An image of Anthony Rizzo's  dog

Kevin is a Golden Retriever, known for their gentle nature and playful spirit. He’s the perfect match for Rizzo, who himself is known for his kindness and positive attitude. The two are often spotted frolicking in the park, playing fetch, or simply cuddling on the couch.

Anthony Rizzo dog: A Secret Weapon in Judge’s Return?

Kevin might be more than just a furry friend. In fact, he played a paw-sitive role in convincing Aaron Judge, Rizzo’s teammate and fellow dog lover, to re-sign with the Yankees! Judge and Rizzo’s pups, Penny and Kevin, are best buds, and Rizzo used their adorable friendship to tug at Judge’s heartstrings, reminding him of the family atmosphere he’d have in New York. It worked! Judge returned to the Bronx, and the canine comradeship continues to thrive.

Why We Love This Dynamic Duo

There’s something heartwarming about seeing a tough baseball player like Rizzo melt around his dog. It’s a reminder that even the biggest stars have a soft spot for our furry companions. Kevin brings joy and laughter into Rizzo’s life, and their bond inspires us all to cherish the special connection we have with our pets.


What kind of dog does Anthony Rizzo have?

Rizzo’s furry friend is a charming Golden Retriever named Kevin! Golden Retrievers are known for their sunny personalities, love of play, and beautiful golden fur, just like Kevin.

What kind of dog is Penny Judge?

Aaron Judge’s doggo pal is also a Golden Retriever! Penny and Kevin are the best of buds, enjoying playtime and adventures together. They even played a role in Judge’s decision to stay with the Yankees, thanks to their adorable friendship.

What is Aaron Judge’s dog’s name?

Judge’s pup is the sweet and playful Penny! She and Kevin are the cutest canine comrades, bringing joy to both players and fans.

How many dogs does Aaron Judge have?

Judge currently has one furry friend, the amazing Penny! Penny’s playful spirit and loyalty are enough to fill any dog bowl with happiness.

What breed is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dog?

The tough-as-nails Arnold Schwarzenegger has a soft spot for a cuddly Dutch Shepherd named Dutch! Dutch Shepherds are known for their intelligence, athleticism, and loyalty, making them a great match for Arnold.

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