Xingxing Monastery Monkey

A heartwarming tale of resilience and friendship awaits! This adorable macaque monkey, born with just one arm, found a loving home at a serene Chinese monastery. Now, Xingxing’s playful spirit and bond with a kind Buddhist nun inspire the world.

Discover her story of overcoming challenges and the beauty of unlikely friendships. Visit Xingxing Monastery and witness this furry marvel firsthand!

Xingxing Monastery Monkey:The One-Armed Wonder of Xingxing Monastery

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High in the mountains of East China, nestled among ancient temples and serene gardens, lives an extraordinary pair: Xingxing, a one-armed monkey, and Master Ye Liannü, a Buddhist nun who took her in. Their heartwarming story has captured the hearts of millions around the world and continues to draw visitors to the beautiful Xingxing Monastery.

A Bond Forged in Compassion

Xingxing’s journey hasn’t been easy. Found injured and alone, she lost her arm as a young macaque. Master Ye, known for her kindness and love for animals, took Xingxing under her wing, providing her with a safe haven and the care she desperately needed. Despite their differences, a deep bond blossomed between the monkey and the nun. Master Ye treated Xingxing like family, patiently teaching her how to navigate the world with one arm.

A Star is Born

An image of Xingxing Monastery Monkey

In 2021, Xingxing’s story went viral. A video of Master Ye gently feeding her fruit spread like wildfire on social media. People were captivated by the unlikely friendship, Xingxing’s resilience, and Master Ye’s unwavering compassion. Soon, the monastery became a popular tourist destination, with visitors eager to meet the famous one-armed monkey.

Xingxing Monastery Monkey: A Message of Hope

While Xingxing and Master Ye’s story is undeniably adorable, it carries a deeper message. It’s a testament to the power of compassion and acceptance, reminding us that love and care can transcend species and circumstances. Xingxing, despite her disability, thrives in the monastery’s peaceful environment. She plays with the temple cats, climbs trees with surprising agility, and enjoys the offerings of visitors.

Visiting Xingxing Monastery

If you find yourself in East China, Xingxing Monastery is a must-visit. Remember, Xingxing is a wild animal, not a pet. Observe her from a distance and never try to touch her. Leave any food offerings with the monks, who will ensure they are appropriate for her diet. Most importantly, come with an open heart and be prepared to be touched by the extraordinary bond between a kind nun and a resilient monkey.


Is Xingxing the monkey still alive?

Yes, as of January 2024, Xingxing the one-armed monkey is happily living at Xingxing Monastery in China! She continues to be a beloved resident and an internet sensation, inspiring people with her resilience and charming antics.

What is the story behind Xingxing monkey?

Born with only one arm, Xingxing was abandoned and injured as a young macaque. Luckily, she found a safe haven at Xingxing Monastery, where a kind Buddhist nun took her in and cared for her. Despite her disability, Xingxing adapted and thrived, learning to climb trees, play with other monkeys, and even enjoy treats with her favorite humans. Her story of resilience and the heartwarming bond she shares with the nun went viral, making her a global symbol of hope and inspiration.

Where does Xing Xing the monkey live?

Xingxing calls Xingxing Monastery in the misty mountains of Ningbo, China, her home. The monastery is a peaceful haven for her, offering beautiful gardens, ancient temples, and a community that cherishes her unique spirit.

Who is the monkey in Chinese mythology?

The most famous monkey in Chinese mythology is Sun Wukong, the mischievous yet valiant protagonist of the classic novel “Journey to the West.” He’s a powerful trickster known for his magical abilities and rebellious spirit, often battling demons and protecting pilgrims on their journey to enlightenment.

Has wukong ever died?

Sun Wukong is immortal! Throughout his many adventures, he faces countless challenges and even gets imprisoned under a mountain for centuries, but he always finds a way to escape and continue his journey. His immortality symbolizes perseverance and the triumph of good over evil.

What happened to Xingxing’s arm?

The exact cause of Xingxing’s missing arm is unknown. Some believe she was born with it, while others speculate it may have been an injury sustained before she arrived at the monastery. Regardless, Xingxing has adapted remarkably well to her one-armed existence, and it doesn’t hinder her playful spirit or ability to live a happy life.

What do monkeys symbolize in China?

Monkeys hold a special place in Chinese culture, often symbolizing intelligence, agility, and good fortune. They’re also associated with mischief and playfulness, adding a touch of humor and lightheartedness to their symbolism.

What is the Japanese monkey myth?

In Japanese mythology, the three wise monkeys – Mizaru (see no evil), Kikazaru (hear no evil), and Iwazaru (speak no evil) – represent the principle of non-interference in matters that don’t concern oneself. They remind us to focus on our own actions and thoughts rather than getting caught up in gossip or negativity.

Why is monkey important in China?

Monkeys have been revered in China for centuries, appearing in folklore, art, and even as part of the Chinese zodiac. Their cleverness, adaptability, and association with good fortune make them popular symbols in many aspects of Chinese culture. They serve as a reminder to be resourceful, playful, and embrace the unexpected twists and turns life throws our way.

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