Cody Rhodes dogs: The Rhodes Dynasty

Explore Cody Rhodes’ dogs – from adorable moments to pet care tips. Join the journey of a wrestling star and his furry companions. Discover the world of canine companionship with Cody!

Meet Cody Rhodes, the wrestling sensation, not just in the ring but also at home, where his heart belongs to his beloved dogs. Dive into the charming world of Cody and his canine companions, witnessing the bond that goes beyond the wrestling ropes.

Cody Rhodes dogs: The Rhodes Dynasty

 in image of Cody Chodes with his dog

Cody Rhodes, the “American Nightmare” of professional wrestling, isn’t just a charismatic champion in the ring. He’s also a devoted dog dad to a furry family that adds a heartwarming twist to his larger-than-life persona. Let’s meet the canine crew who steal the show, both at home and on social media, alongside the Rhodes dynasty.

The Rhodes Pack:

  • Pharaoh: Arguably the most famous member of the pack, Pharaoh is a majestic Siberian Husky with piercing blue eyes and a regal temperament. He’s been by Cody’s side since 2011, witnessing his journey from independent wrestling circuits to the bright lights of WWE and AEW. Pharaoh even made his official WWE debut in 2023, proudly sporting his “American Nightmare” bandana and soaking up the cheers.
    Image of Cody Rhodes with his dog Pharaoh
  • Pinkerton: Not to be outshined by his husky brother, Pinkerton is a pint-sized Pomeranian with a spunky personality. He’s the “little king” of the Rhodes household, bringing a dose of playful chaos and cuddles to the mix. While Pinkerton hasn’t yet graced the wrestling ring, he’s a regular feature on Cody’s social media, stealing hearts with his fluffy charm.
    Image of Cody Rhodes with his dog Pinkerton
  • Liberty Iris: While not technically a canine companion, Cody and Brandi Rhodes’ daughter, Liberty Iris, rounds out the family unit. The bond between Liberty and the dogs is heartwarming, with Pharaoh acting as her gentle giant protector and Pinkerton always up for a playful romp. Their interactions melt hearts on social media, showcasing the joy and unconditional love that pets bring to families.
    Image of Cody Rhodes' daughter Liberty Iris playing with his dogs

Beyond the Spotlight:

The Rhodes family’s love for their dogs goes beyond cute photo ops and social media fame. Cody is a vocal advocate for animal welfare, partnering with rescue organizations and promoting responsible pet ownership. He frequently uses his platform to raise awareness about adoption and the importance of giving dogs a loving home.

A Special Bond:

 in image of Cody Chodes with his dog

The connection between Cody and his dogs is undeniable. They offer him a sense of calm and companionship, a welcome respite from the high-octane world of professional wrestling. The playful antics and unconditional love of his furry family remind him of life’s simple joys and the importance of family, both human and canine.

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