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This article talks about Jacksepticeye cat . Meet BB, Jacksepticeye’s adorable feline friend! Learn about this playful black & white tuxedo cat, his online fame, and how he stole hearts with his purrfect charm.

Discover BB’s funny moments, Jacksepticeye’s bond with him, and why fans adore this furry internet star. Meow-ve over & discover BB’s cuteness!

Jacksepticeye cat : Exploring BB’s Purrfect Presence

An image of Jacksepticeye with his cat BB

Jacksepticeye, the popular YouTuber known for his energetic gaming content and infectious personality, isn’t just a human star – he has a furry co-star too! This feline friend, affectionately known as BB, has become a beloved member of the Jacksepticeye family, capturing hearts with his adorable antics and occasional appearances in videos.

Who is BB?

BB, originally named Maya, is a black and white tuxedo cat adopted by Jacksepticeye in 2019. He’s known for his big, expressive eyes, playful personality, and love of cuddles. While BB doesn’t have his own dedicated channel, he frequently steals the spotlight in Jacksepticeye’s videos, whether it’s interrupting gameplay with a well-timed meow or joining in on celebrations with tail held high.

Beyond Cuteness:

BB’s impact goes beyond his adorable looks. He’s become a symbol of comfort and joy for Jacksepticeye’s viewers, offering a sense of normalcy and warmth in the sometimes chaotic world of online entertainment. His presence often leads to hilarious moments, like the time BB knocked over a glass of water during a live stream, causing chaos and laughter in equal measure.

A Community Favorite:

An image of Jacksepticeye with his cat BB

BB has earned his own dedicated fanbase. Fans create artwork, memes, and even merchandise featuring the lovable cat. He even has his own social media presence, with a dedicated Twitter account managed by Jacksepticeye himself, further solidifying his status as a furry internet celebrity.

More Than Just a Pet:

For Jacksepticeye, BB is more than just a pet; he’s a valued companion and source of stress relief. In interviews, Jacksepticeye has spoken about how BB’s presence helps him stay grounded and brings a sense of happiness to his daily life.

Want to see BB in action?

Tune into Jacksepticeye’s YouTube channel or follow his social media to catch glimpses of the playful feline. You might even find yourself falling in love with BB’s charm and becoming part of his ever-growing fan community!


What is Jacksepticeye’s cat’s name?

Jacksepticeye’s cat is called BB, originally named Maya.

What kind of cat is BB?

BB is a black and white tuxedo cat.

Why is Jack called Jacksepticeye?

Jacksepticeye is a combination of his real name, Seán McLoughlin, and “septic eye,” a reference to a green eye infection he had in the past.

Why does Jacksepticeye live in the UK?

Jacksepticeye is originally from Ireland but has lived in the UK for several years. His reasons for living there are personal and not publicly shared.

What is Jacksepticeye most known for?

Jacksepticeye is known for his energetic gaming content, funny commentary, and positive personality. He’s also popular for his vlogs, music, and challenges.

How many tattoos does Jacksepticeye have?

Jacksepticeye has several tattoos, but the exact number is unclear.

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