Kat Von D’s cats

This article talks about Kat Von D’s cats. Dive into the world of Kat Von D’s unique feline family! Discover Poe, Piaf & Nietzsche, her Sphynx & Bambino Sphynx mix cats. Explore their hairless charm, playful personalities, and vegan diet journey.

See how these furry companions inspire art, bring joy, and steal hearts online. Meow-ve over & meet Kat’s purrfect squad!

Kat Von D’s cats:Kat Von D’s Feline Family

An image of Kat Von D with her cat

Kat Von D, the tattoo artist and beauty mogul, isn’t just known for her bold style and artistic skills. She’s also a dedicated cat mom to three unique feline companions! Let’s dive into the world of Kat Von D’s cats, exploring their breeds, personalities, and the special place they hold in her heart.

The Squad:

An image of Kat Von D's cats

  • Poe: The eldest, and perhaps the most famous, is Poe, a hairless Sphynx cat. Known for his wrinkled skin and big eyes, Poe frequently makes appearances on Kat’s social media, charming fans with his quirky personality.
  • Piaf: Another Sphynx, Piaf joined the family later. Compared to Poe, she has slightly different coloring and a mischievous air, often seen playing and exploring in Kat’s videos.
  • Nietzsche: The newest addition, Nietzsche, isn’t a Sphynx but a Bambino Sphynx mix. Combining Sphynx hairlessness with the Munchkin breed’s short legs, he adds a unique touch to the cat crew.

Beyond Breeds:

An image of Kat Von D with her cat

While their hairless appearance might be eye-catching, Kat loves her cats for their individual personalities. She describes Poe as cuddly and mellow, Piaf as energetic and playful, and Nietzsche as sweet and curious.

Diet Decisions:

As a vegan herself, Kat has sparked discussions about her cats’ vegan diet. While some raise concerns, Kat maintains her cats have thrived under veterinary supervision and specific vegan cat food formulated to meet their nutritional needs.

More Than Pets:

For Kat, her cats are much more than furry companions. They’re family, appearing in her social media posts, inspiring artwork and merchandise, and bringing comfort and joy.

Want to see for yourself?

Follow Kat Von D on Instagram and other platforms to catch glimpses of her feline friends in action. You might even discover their quirky charm and the special bond they share with their famous cat mom!


What are Kat Von D’s cats’ names?

  • Poe: A hairless Sphynx cat.
  • Piaf: Another Sphynx cat.
  • Nietzsche: A Bambino Sphynx mix.

Is Kat Von D Latina?

She identifies as Latina, with Mexican and Argentinian heritage.

Where does Kat Von D live currently?

Her current residence isn’t publicly confirmed, but she previously lived in Los Angeles.

What is a “tom cat” cat?

“Tom cat” is typically used to refer to any unneutered male cat, not a specific breed.

What is a “cat squirrel”?

This could refer to a squirrel-like cat breed like the Singapura or a playful squirrel-like cat, but clarification is needed.

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