Joey Graceffa’s Dogs: Meet the Adorable Canine Crew Bringing Sunshine to YouTube

Dive into the enchanting world of Joey Graceffa’s furry companions. From playful antics to heartwarming moments, discover the joy and love that Joey shares with his delightful canine family. Meet Joey Graceffa’s Dogs

Join us in exploring the adorable escapades, unique personalities, and the extraordinary bond that defines Joey’s life with his delightful canine crew.

Joey Graceffa’s Dogs: Meet the Adorable Canine Crew Bringing Sunshine to YouTube

An image of Joey Graceffa and his Dogs:

Joey Graceffa, the YouTube superstar and entrepreneur, is known for many things: his charming personality, hilarious vlogs, and impressive business ventures. But for many fans, his biggest draw might just be his adorable pack of furry companions.

Graceffa is a devoted dog dad to a lively crew of canine cuties, and his love for his pups shines through in every video and social media post. Let’s meet the members of this pawsome pack and see what makes them so special:

 Luna & Theo

An image of Joey Graceffa's Dogs

This dynamic duo are Golden Retrievers, and they’re the OG members of the Graceffa household. Luna, the elder statesdog, is known for her gentle nature and love of cuddles, while Theo, the goofy younger brother, brings endless energy and playful antics.

 Kali & Dior:

These two French Bulldogs are the fashionistas of the group. Kali, the sassy queen, rocks a stylish black coat and diva attitude, while Dior, the sweet soul, melts hearts with his big brown eyes and gentle demeanor.

Wolf & Diesel:

An image of Joey Graceffa's Dogs

These husky pups are the wild cards of the bunch. Wolf, the adventurous explorer, loves nothing more than sniffing out new trails, while Diesel, the cuddly teddy bear, prefers a good snuggle session on the couch.

Eleven & Frankie

An image of Joey Graceffa and his Dogs

These two blind French Bulldog puppies captured hearts around the world with their heartwarming rescue story. Graceffa adopted them after they were abandoned and facing euthanasia, giving them a loving home and a chance to thrive.

Beyond their individual personalities, what truly makes Graceffa’s dogs special is the bond they share with their owner. He showers them with love and attention, taking them on adventures, playing games, and creating countless heartwarming moments captured on camera.


What is Joey Graceffa’s real name?

His full name is Joseph Michael Graceffa Jr.! But everyone knows him by his charming stage name, Joey.

What is Joey Graceffa doing?

He’s constantly juggling several projects! Right now, he’s focusing on:

  • YouTube: Creating vlogs, gaming content, and engaging with his millions of subscribers.
  • Business Ventures: Building his production company, Second City Works, and exploring new partnerships.
  • Philanthropy: Using his platform to raise awareness and support causes close to his heart, like pet adoption.

Did Daniel and Joey break up?

Yes, unfortunately, Joey and Daniel Preda, his longtime partner, announced their separation in 2022.

What disability does Joey Graceffa have?

Joey doesn’t publicly identify with any specific disability. However, he has openly discussed his struggles with ADHD and anxiety in the past.

Is Joey Graceffa LGBTQ?

Yes, Joey proudly identifies as gay. He came out publicly in 2012, setting a positive example for LGBTQ youth worldwide.

When did Joey Graceffa get married?

As of today, January 22, 2024, Joey has never been married. He was engaged to Daniel Preda, but they called off the wedding before tying the knot.

Why did Joey break up with Daniel?

The specifics haven’t been publicly disclosed, but Joey and Daniel shared that they were simply in different places in their lives. They remain supportive of each other and maintain a positive relationship.

Does Joey ever have a girlfriend?

Since coming out, Joey has primarily dated men. However, he hasn’t openly shared details about romantic partners since his split with Daniel. He remains focused on his personal and professional goals for now.

Is Joey still dating?

Joey hasn’t publicly confirmed any current romantic relationships. He enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and furry companions.

Is Joey still with his fiance?

Given that Joey’s engagement with Daniel ended in 2022, he is no longer considered engaged.

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