Ludwig’s Cat: From Twitch Stream Stealer to Furry Internet Sensation

Meet Ludwig’s cat – a furry friend with a personality as charming as its whiskers. Discover delightful cat antics and heartwarming moments. From playful pounces to cozy cuddles, Ludwig’s cat brings joy to your day.

Explore the world of this lovable feline through cute snapshots and endearing stories.

Ludwig’s Cat: From Twitch Stream Stealer to Furry Internet Sensation

An image of Ludwig with his Cat

In the vast realm of Twitch streamers, Ludwig Ahgren, affectionately known as simply Ludwig, reigns supreme. But there’s another furry champion vying for viewers’ hearts – Ludwig’s cat, aptly named Mayo. With his fluffy white fur and nonchalant gaze, Mayo has become an internet celebrity in his own right, stealing the show on Ludwig’s streams and melting hearts across social media.

From Stray to Stream Star:

Mayo’s journey to online fame began in 2020 when Ludwig adopted him as a kitten. Initially kept off camera, Mayo’s mischievous antics couldn’t stay hidden for long. He made his grand debut during a stream, casually strolling across Ludwig’s keyboard and interrupting gameplay with adorable demands for attention.

Mayo’s Purrfect Personality:

An image of Ludwig with his Cat

While Mayo’s fluffy white fur and sleepy eyes are undeniably captivating, it’s his personality that truly steals the show. He’s the epitome of feline chill, maintaining an air of nonchalance amidst the chaotic energy of Ludwig’s streams. Whether calmly ignoring the streamer’s antics or casually sprawled across the keyboard, Mayo brings a dose of zen to the digital world.

Beyond the Camera:

Mayo’s fame extends beyond Ludwig’s streams. He has an active Instagram account with over 300,000 followers, where fans can get a glimpse into his feline adventures. From napping in sunbeams to playfully batting at dangling toys, Mayo’s everyday life is a purrfect example of internet bliss.

More Than Just a Twitch Cat:

Mayo’s popularity transcends the streamer sphere. He’s become a symbol of comfort and relaxation for viewers worldwide. His laid-back demeanor and adorable moments provide a welcome escape from the stresses of everyday life.

The Future of a Feline Star:

An image of Ludwig with his Cat

With his internet fame, Mayo has become more than just Ludwig’s cat. He’s a furry ambassador of chill vibes, reminding us to embrace the simple joys of life and appreciate the power of a well-timed cat nap. As Ludwig’s channel and Mayo’s online presence continue to grow, one thing is certain – this feline influencer is here to stay, spreading cuteness and calm one purr at a time.


What kind of cat does Ludwig have?

Ludwig’s fluffy feline friend is a Scottish Fold! This breed is known for its adorable folded ears, sweet temperament, and laid-back attitude, all of which perfectly describe Mayo.

Scottish Fold Price:

Scottish Folds can be quite expensive, ranging in price from $500 to $3,000 depending on factors like pedigree and breeder. They require specific care for their ears, so it’s important to consider the ongoing costs beyond the initial adoption or purchase.

Which cat is deaf?

Luckily, neither Mayo nor any of Ludwig’s cats are deaf! All three feline family members enjoy good hearing and often respond to Ludwig’s playful calls and even the audience’s cheers during his streams.

What breed is Coots?

While Mayo is a Scottish Fold, Ludwig actually has two other cats! Coots is a Maine Coon, known for their impressive size, fluffy fur, and gentle nature. Ludwig’s third cat, Nugget, is a rescue, so her exact breed is unknown, but she brings her own unique charm to the furry squad.

Most Expensive Cat:

The title of “most expensive cat” goes to the Ashera, a hybrid breed resulting from crossing an Asian leopard cat with an African serval. These majestic cats can cost upwards of $125,000, making them a luxury pet for the elite.

Why are Scottish Folds expensive?

Scottish Folds’ unique folded ears are due to a genetic mutation. Although adorable, this mutation can also lead to health problems like cartilage degeneration. Responsible breeders screen their cats for genetic issues and ensure proper care, contributing to the higher price tag.

Are Scottish Folds lazy?

While Scottish Folds may appear laid-back due to their calm demeanor, they’re not necessarily lazy! They still enjoy playtime and exercise, just at their own pace. Mayo often joins Ludwig’s streams and can be seen playfully batting at toys or exploring the streamer’s setup.

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